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Sioux Shirt – oil painting

Sioux Shirt

Sioux Shirt is oil on canvas, 30 x 40. This painting is a bit different then my other paintings. When I paint my Plains Indians, I sometimes spend more time on the clothing than I do on the face so I decided to do a portrait of a shirt. This buckskin shirt is embellished with quills, beads, hair and paint.

Let me know what you think of this.


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Indain Market Santa Fe

Red Fire

I’m off to Indian Market for a show. I’ve sold one painting already and our opening isn’t until tomorrow. Wish me luck


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Pots and Peppers – Indian Market

pots and peppers

Pots and Peppers, 30″ x 30″, oil on canvas. This will be one of my paintings that will be at Gallery 822 during Indian Market weekend in Santa Fe.

Indian Market takes place Aug 21 – 23. It’s one of the few shows that I actually attend. Hope to see you there


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Courage and Honor – American Indian

Courage and Honor

Courage and Honor is an oil painting on canvas, 20″ x 30″. This Plains Indian with his face painted in red, white and black, is wearing a hair ornament made of beads , feather and a thimble. The American Indians would use metal object such as thimbles, mirrors and brass cartridges for ornamentation.

This painting can be purcahse from K. Henderson Studio for a few days. After that, it will be one of my paintings that will be for sale at Gallery 822 in Santa Fe.


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