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The Heart Fears Nothing – American Indian

The Heart Fears Nothing, 40 x 30, oil on canvas

American Indians painted their faces for many reasons: Protection from the sun, ceremonial, personal recognition and others Here, he wears white paint, white being the color of light, life and the Southeast – where the Sun rises with life-renewing power. The heavy white paint or clay is a prayer for long life. The lines of flesh represent the straight roads that lead to the Great Spirit See more of my work at


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Ration Ticket Bag – American Indian

Ration Ticket Bag, 9 x 12, oil on canvas

Beaded pouches, rectangular in shape, decorated with tinkling cones or fringe and having short flaps, were used through the 1800’s to carry a strike-a-light steel, a flint, matches and often ration coupons

With each treaty signed between the Indian tribes and the US Government, rations of food were promised. The usual practise was to give each head of family a ration ticket, with the number of rations he was entitled to, at the start of each quarter. These were presented to the agency warehouse each Saturday, the ticket was punched and rations were given out.

The rationed varied over time but often consisted of beef, flour and pork with the occasional coffee sugar, soap and tobacco.


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