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No Rest for the Weary

I have four juried art shows and one publication I have to have art work for during Sept. Who could ask for a better life?


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Indian Market Group show at Gallery 822, Santa Fe

When We Dream, 30 x 40, oil on linen

If you will be in Santa Fe for Indian Market next weekend, please be sure and stop by The Gallery at 822 on Canyon Road.

All 14 of the gallery’s artists will have new work. Most of them will be at the Artists Reception on Friday, Aug 20 5pm – 8pm. Stop by and say hello.


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Since 1901 – American Indian

Since 1901, 30 x 40, oil on linen.

I really enjoyed creating the painting ‘Indian‘ based on the logo for the Indian Motorcycle, so I painted this second, larger one.

This one shows an American Indian wearing a feathered headdress as the Indian in the logo.


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Spirit War – Ghost Shirt

Spirit War, 30 x 40, oil on canvas

American Indian prophet, Wovoka, began the Ghost Dance religion in an attempt to bring peace between the Indians and the Whites. It brought together element of Paiute, Christian, Shaker and Mormon religions. From the latter, Wavoka made use of the Mormon Endowment Robe, a robe “emblazoned with sacred symbols… reputed to protect the wearer from Satan and physical harm”

The Ghost Shirt is painted with symbols as a prayer to ask for natures help in restoring Peace and Abundance. The shirt was also said to protect the wearer from bullets.


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Indian – American Indian

Indian, 22 x 28, oil on canvas
Indian was painted in honor of America’s Pioneer Motorcycle, The Indian, which was first manufactured in 1901.
With this painting I am revisiting a series of artwork I did several years ago which included figures along with product logos using American Indian images in the background . See more of my work on my website


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To The Victor – American Indian

To The Victor, 36 x 30, oil on canvas

This painting shows a Plains Indian with a half-painted face wearing eagel feathers, a beaded shirt with Hair Drops and carrying a shield

Hair Drops are tufts of hair used to decorate shirts, leggings, robes and other items, It is said that they were first made from scalp hair but later horse hair was substituted


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