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All We Have Seen

All We Have Seen by K henderson

All We Have Seen, 30 x 40, oil on linen

This Plains Indian has his face painted Blue White. He wears a shell necklace and an elaborate headdress of feathers and beads.

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Chief Charlot American Indian

Chief Charlot, 30 x 24, oil on canvas

Chief Charlot, also know as Charlo, Claw of the Little Grizzly, was head chief of the Bitterroot Salish from 1870 to 1910. Here he wears a top hat and frock coat. His face is painted white.

This painting is inspired by a photo taken by Edward H Boos in 1907.


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The Warriors Tale

The Warriors Tale, 40 x 30, oil on canvas

This oil painting shows a Plains Indian with a feathered bonnet and a painted face.
The title comes from the fact that his regalia tells a story. The feathered bonnet or ‘war bonnet’ was bestowed on those that had many honors, each eagle feather representing a deed. The painted face can also tell of honors, society membership or personal stories.


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Song of Courage

Song of Courage, 30 x 30 oil on linen

This Plains Indian wears a headdress of beads, feathers, bells and ermine tails. His face is painted white with a blue-black hand print
The hand painted on the face is a Coup Mark, a sign of bravery. To be first to touch the enemy was regarded as the bravest deed of all, it was even a point of bravado for a single warrior to rush in among the enemy and strike one with quirt, coup stick or gun before attempting to fire, thus risking his own life.


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