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Sings to the Morning Sun by K. Henderson

Sings to the Morning Sun by K. Henderson

Sings to the Morning Sun, 36 x 30, oil on linen

As you know, I create very few American Indian Women paintings but I’ve had several requests for these lately so I have 2 that I will be offering. ‘Sings to the Morning Sun’ shows a young woman with a striped shawl. She wears eagle feathers in her hair and a shell and bone necklace. Available directly from me until Dec 1. Thereafter, purchase will be available through one of my galleries. Contact me for more information. See more of my American Indian paintings on my Website


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Art Show Openings this week

Who Was That Masked Man by K HendersonWho Was That Masked Man?, 30 x 40, oil on linen
I will have paintings in 2 great art shows that will be opening this week.
Who Was That Masked Man?‘ will be for sale at the Scottsdale Salon at Legacy Gallery , Scottsdale, AZ
100 works from nationally known artist will be on display Nov 7th – Dec 31. The Grand opening will be Thursday, Nov 7th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, with the awards ceremony at 7:30
North and South Med by K Henderson
‘Felix Paints En Plein Air’ and ‘Bonzo Paints in the Studio’ are  available at the North and South Show  at Robert Lange Gallery in Charleston, SC. 35 artists were invited to participate in this show. Each artist created 2 paintings representing their version of North and South.

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